13 August, 2007

a birthday gift

From one bit of panic to another....

For my friend Mieke, who due to health, cannot see very well. A cross stitcher for many, many moons, she can't see very well now and is limited to stitching on Aida, for she can no longer see properly to work on linen. She can see the little holes in the Aida fabric. Although it's not her favorite medium to work with, she continues to stitch and has discoverd the joys of red and white samplers - claiming it was my "fault" when she saw the sampler I was working on. Once in a while she tells me that she wishes she could work on fine linen like she used to, but is happy she can still practice her art. As it is, she had to give up quilting because she just couldn't see the seam lines to stitch. I'm soon to begin making a baby rib quilt for her - a kit that she bought but can no longer complete.

Anyhow, with this in mind, I decided to make this for her birthday, and hope she will like it.
Mieke is very fond of roses, and when I saw this rose, the decision was easy to make. Will I get it done? I'll be stitching as soon as I finishish posting......

Oh, and forgive the wrinkles and rings - I work with a hoop and don't iron a work until it's done.

From the book: Les Roses de Monique Bonin


Rose Marie said...

Wow, that is delicate work! Your friend will so enjoy this piece.

Sonnja said...

Lovely Needlework.
Kind Regards,


Heidi said...

Thank you for your kind comments!


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