10 April, 2007

SBQ of the week 5 April

How do you decide which stitching blogs are worth repeat and/or regular viewings? Are there certain things you look for in particular? Are there things you wish there were more of? Less of? Is your blog a good example of what you like to read?

Hmm, well, I like blogs that are clean and simple. Blogs with whole rows of shiny blinky things a bit tiresome and distracting. At the moment the blogs I'm primarily interested in are those that have something to do with my crafts, but I enjoy visiting blogs that do something completely different! There is just so much great stuff people are doing and making out there!

Okay, so I like blogs that are clean and simple, where the information is easy to find, and clearly written. Good photos are a plus, but hey, not everyone is an Ansel Adams (I'm certainly not!).

Things I wish there were more of? Well, I'm not a computer wizz and certainly have so much more to learn about the world of blogs and what you can do with them tecnically and such, but more information on how to work with your blog in lay-men's terms would be nice - I mean I don't even know how to get a link into my post!

Less of? That smoldering feeling of pressure that one has to create such a wonderful blog. I don't think my blog is all that great, I basically suffer from a sort of "blog fright", a stage fright for blogs. It's very difficuly to write to an audience without a face (so to speak - as I have seen some wonderful faces out there!) I'm still feeling my way around this media, getting used to this. I guess it would be nice to get comments and learn from them.

Is my blog a good example of what you like to read? I don't know. It's hard to be an objective critic of one's own blog, but I do belive there's lots of room for improvement!

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