28 April, 2007

farm mouse

Yesterday, just in time, I completed this little farm mouse to add to the "Farm" theme of this sampler. There was no excuse to do this at the last minute, and I've learned my lesson! Frankly, it's because I've been having so much fun with the red & white sampler, and digging around in all my books and magazines for new motifs. This time, I'll get started right away on the third sampler I'll receive this afternoon.

So let me write a note in the journal, and packs things up ......

have a great weekend!


floresita said...

I love the cute mouse!!!

Jo said...

Hope you are well and are out there stitching up something lovely. I've tagged you with the dreaded 8 things meme, please visit my blog and have a look!

Heidi said...

Thank you Floresita!

Hi Jo! Thanks, for tagging me, I've never been tagged before, and I'd like to visit your site, but you didn't leave anything behind for me to go to! So should you visit me again, leave your blog behind so I do the meme!


Peggy said...

Oops, I see you've been tagged by someone else...and here I am tagging you too :) Hope you don't mind. Visit my blog for details! www.quiltclogmom.blogspot.com

Marisa said...

Heidi! Your mouse is very cute.

Heidi said...

thank you Marissa!

..and I've been tagged again! No worries, I'm going to figure this tagging thing out and play!

here I come peggy!

marni said...


For some reason my emails to you are not going through. Please drop me an email at marni.harang@gmail.com so I can send you some photos and a report on the breast cancer ride.




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