14 April, 2007

red & white sampler

Slowly progressing on the sampler: the letter "I" was supposed to be a "J", but somehow I didn't calculate it properly and were I to continue, the hook of the J would've hit the letter F. So now I'm soncidering to leave it that way, or to elongate the I and still making it a J. In the meantime, I found another motive to make while I ruminate.

It's been unseasonable warm here in Holland, and with the weather comes working in the garden, spring cleaning, and all that stuff, so I haven't been working on the sampler as much as I would have liked to. That, plus the guilt feeling creeping up on me about reorganizing my clothes closet (can't find anything!) and tyding up the sewing room and doing some quilting haven't helped much. I haven't started my second frienship sampler either!
Ever have that feeling your running after yourself? Well, I'm in that funk now and even though I know it's just a matter of getting started, it seems like climbing Mount Everest.

Anyhow, it's time to walk Darwin who's still wet after washing him down after he decided to take a dip in a bog after hunting training. Wonderful think black oily stuff! Yuck! The smell of "wet dog" isn't any better.....Hopefully he'll dry a bit more during our walk.....

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