24 July, 2012


Things have been really up in the air.  So many changes, an uncertain future.  Makes for exciting times, and exciting prospects.  It's been brewing for a while now, and as a result of a series of fortunate and unfortunate events, I decided it was time to really work on finding my own voice in my quilting.  Instead of one foot in the box, step out of it completely and just go for it.

Funny that when you actually make a decision, things begin to change, things begin to happen.
Cool things, exciting things!  No idea to where they'll go, and perhaps I'll  make horrible things, strange things,  things that may make me say " what was I thinking?" but you know it's part of the process, it's just a piece of fabric.  We're not talking world peace here.  At some point, things will settle down and my voice will emerge.  For now, it's great to take a ride on this unknown road...

One of the cool things that happened is my collaboration with Jovita.  With a wink and a tease, and knowing that I have an hour and a half to start running before she's at my front door to give me a whack ,  I can say that we have a few things in common.  First, we're both Americans living in Europe, I live in Holland, she in Belgium.  We have apples in common.  She's from Washington State, their official fruit is the apple.  I'm from the Big Apple.  We're both ex-pats.  We both love fresh cornbread.  We both share a passion for quilting.  But that's where the similarities end, and the fun begins.

We are very different.  Very different.  Good different.  Like peanut butter and jelly, honey and mustard, tomato and basil.  Two very different flavors that make a great combination.  We fire off ideas and images that leave us both with more ideas and heads spinning.
Fast forward to me telling Jovita how I have to manage to make a sampler quilt for a beginner's patchwork course I'll be giving this coming September.  I know I want to make something different, want to move away from obedient blocks standing neatly in a row....
Really?  Jovita says, explaining that she too is wanting to design something for her students, and perhaps a mystery BOM!  Really?  I say, and before we knew it we were collaborating on a design together!  Hours on Skype.  Lots of drafts, yes, no and maybes, but we came up with something, well actually, two things.
Remember I said we were different?  So are the projects!  I had to design with absolute beginner's in mind,  Jovita didn't, having the freedom to change the purpose of the quilt design.  You can see that it's a collaboration, yet it is different.  That's the cool part, and the fun part to work together and still maintain your  own voice.

Here's a sneak peek of my first block:

She's making hers in three ( yes, an overachiever..wink!) versions, I'll stick to my one.
My friend Els has been kind/crazy enough to be the guinea pig and make this quilt as well, offering critiques and questions that will help me to edit my lesson plan and if necessary edit the design.
She's fearless, will try new things, flying through the assignments, and doing great stuff!

Mixing things up, using different fabrics, experimenting with color, new friendships, absorbing ideas and trying out new things, and not being afraid  - and who cares what "they" think?  Not bad things to come out of uncertain times, are they?

Looking forward to starting another collaboration soon, but more on that later.....

Got to get back to the sewing table.  There's lots to be done, and little time to get it all done in!

It's a beautiful sunny day here,
enjoy yours.

ps: anyone know how to get my "Followers" gadget back?  tried removing and replacing it, checked out forums, but nothing...Help!


Liz said...

Go girl - find your voice! Jovita will be great inspiration for you - we like to tease her about all the projects she can't help starting - and I am more like you. I need a little kick in the pants to get rolling. You do beautiful work, can't wait to see your collaboration.

Anonymous said...

Mooie stoffen, ik ben van de reproductiestoffen maar dit vind ik heel gaaf!!
Groetjes, Marja.

Jen said...

Heidi you are so clever and will be great on this adventure .Your work is beautiful.Have fun.
Your followers gadget is showing it is all there. If it happens again un click the 'keep me signed in' where you log in. I had to do that once and was told to unclick and it worked for me. I don't click keep me signed in on anything.


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