10 October, 2010


What a fun quilt this was to make!
...and on my Featherweight too...
A simple nine patch and alternate block pattern, I cut lots of different fabrics, some of which that have been laying in my closet for years, and randomly threw them together.
It's not easy to work randomly, but once you get started, it's lots of fun and the quilt just makes itself.

leftovers, originally uploaded by Monkicat.

I'm not too sure about the results yet, so after taking this picture, I folded it away and will not look at it for a while. Maybe after a few days something new will come to me.

Thoughts that have crossed my mind:
- an appilque edge on the bottom? ( simple and folky)
- perhaps a thin border between the main part and the large red border?

Any ideas you may have?

Now off to do some quiet cross stitch...

1 comment:

Teresa said...

I love your nine-patch...it's full of pretty fabrics! I love scrappy! Now, I need your courage to just start putting things together randomly sometimes. I even "plan" my scrappy and random, I guess I have trouble with allowing happy things to just happen!

In stitches,
Teresa :o)


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