05 October, 2007

SBQ of the Week: October 3, 2007

Suggested by Jennifer

What are your favorite online stitching supply sources?

There are many I like to browse through and some that I have ordered from, all have given me very good service, especially since I live in the Netherlands and the places I order from are primarily in the States. However, since I'm living here, I would like to support as many shops here as I can and this two, by far, have the most items that fall within my interest and, more importantly, great service! The first is the "Handwerkboetiek" (or literally translated, "Handwork Boutique"). They are way in the North of Holland more than 2 hours drive from me, so I do my business with Annemiek on the phone. She's quite knowledgeable, even knew a pattern I was planning on working ONLY by the threads (Au Ver A Soie) that I asked for! I trust her blindly with color choices, and what she has chosen was always perfect. Brilliant.

Then there's "Kunst en Vliegwerk". This shop specializes traditional cross stitch patters, such as quakers, red and white work, reproduction samplers. With Lonneke it's a pleasure to chat, discuss, and her advice is always on target.

These are my favorite stores in Holland, stores that not only carry what I want and need, but always go that little bit further to educate, explain, and enjoy to talk with their customers about our favorite past time. It's just another pleasurable part of the craft...!

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