22 March, 2007


Darwin, originally uploaded by Monkicat.

This shot was taken and kindly given to me by my neighbor, Piet.

8 months and although it doesn't look like it, he's still a pup!
Our Darwin is in full puberty and trying to extend his boundaries. That includes, not coming when called (unless we hide behind trees and he thinks he's lost!) or running way out ahead of us! Commands, well, he does them, but now you'll have to wait half a minute before he does!
The dog owners I come across in the park all assure me this phase will pass...hmmm,...at the moment it's hard to imagine.

Soon we'll be starting the second half of hunting training ( no, we're not going to hunt with this ball of love, just love to see him do what he was bred to do, plus he loves it! ) so hopefully he'll be better behaved. Besides, there's nothing Darwin loves more than chase hares & rabbits (who laugh and even slow down for him to catch up!) falling leaves and carrying around fallen branches. The dirtier he can get, the worse the weather is, the more fun! Not for us of course....

Still, he's beautiful, loving, affectionate, funny, and a wonderful companion and I can't imagine how life would be without him! He's lying at, no, on my feet now, snoozing away after sharing an apple. The sun has finally come out, so soon we'll be out in the park sharing new adventures large and small...


The Carolina Quilter said...

What a beauty! We have a Yorkie who will be four in October but my son, Ben, 15, wanted a dog for his birthday so we have a new baby--a big Golden Doodle (Mom was a Golden and Dad a standard poodle!). She is golden and curly and so sweet natured. We're working on the potty training!

Lori (A.K.A. Elkhoundmom) said...

What a good looking pup! He looks like he is lots of fun.

Heidi said...

You know Carolina quilter - I grew up with Yorkies all my life - those little spunky dogs were so much fun!
I heard about the Larbradoodles and now the Goldendoodles - and that they are a wonderful new breed. What a wonderful gift to your son, enjoy her!

sandra wyman said...

Love the pictures - takes me back - we always had golden retrievers at home when I was growing up!


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