16 September, 2006

A new thing every day...

Would you believe I finally figured out how to make a signature? In my email?
Slap your hand against your forehead - roll your eyes, but hey, I'm better at some things than others....

Besides, I couldn't go anywhere, Darwin's fast asleep on my foot here under my chair and he's so tired, I don't dare wake him!
He was on a platform and saw trains for the first time today. The only thing that startled him a bit was the "wooosh!" of the pressed air coming out from the trains as they passed by.
After a few passed, he didn't even react. He did want to follow Ro onto the train, and was sad when we had to return back to the car. It seems every time he experiences something new, he comes home exhausted. Sort of felt like walking out of Chem. 101..... So he flip flops about, dreaming, and in the meantime I'm losing feeling in my foot.......

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