09 July, 2011

Where are my followers?

Do you have this problem too?
My followers are gone, and although I've tried a few things, they haven't come back.

Checking out the Google forums where many people have addressed this problem - all advice didn't work.
Unless, it's just me who can't see the followers' list and you all can?

I've removed the followers list gadget , refreshed the blog, and placed it back - no go.
I went into the Friends Connect account and saved it - that didn't help either.

any ideas?

(..in the meantime, have a good weekend!..)


Cristina said...

Just be patient... google has been having problems so followers' gadget come and go. It has been happening to mine, too. Now it has been missing since yesterday, but in one or 2 days they should return.

Heirlooms by Ashton House said...

Hi Heidi, I can still see your followers on my computer. So there is hope!

501 Quilt Blocks said...

I can see your followers.

Rhonda said...

Someone said to place the follower thingy at the top of your blog sidebar area or somewhere very near the top. Something about the loading of the blog complications.
That's what I had to do and it's worked ever since for me.

Anita in Florida said...

I am also having problems with the followers...they come and go. But I also have been having troubles with Quilter Blogs not showing my pictures from my blogs....any hints on that ??

Rosa-Munda said...

I had this problem a couple of weeks back. Its perfectly ok now. Hope it sorts itself out soon as its not a very nice feeling. Ros

TiramiSue said...

I think they have run off with mine :). I have moved them, signed out, signed in, I guess they will return eventally.


Pokey said...

The image will return, mine was gone for 2 days once. The thing that was gone for over a year on mine was the "google friends connect" which allows you to tell your new follower thanks for joining in, but I just started going around it through the new person's email connection when I could.

Taryn said...

I can see your followers now, too. I've had the same problem off and on since May. I hope yours is fixed now.

Anita in Florida said...

This is too funny...although I could see your followers before, now they aren't visible...but after saying I had mine back...they, too, are missing...oh well, it's nice not to be alone!

Sharon said...

I can see your followers and I was also able to join in as a follower.
I really like your Mariner Compass block, yeah to hand piecing!

LuAnn said...

Our followers have returned. I usually go to a blog that I know I follow to see if their followers are missing, and then I know it's just not my blog that is having a problem. It looks to me like they took away our "Follow" button and gave us a "Join this site" button. Your BTCT blocks are beautiful!


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