16 January, 2008

SBQ of the Week: January 16, 2008

This week's SBQ was suggested by Outi and is:

What is your favorite past time while stitching? Do you just enjoy
silence, listen to music/audiobooks or do you "watch" TV/movies? Do
you have specific favorites you listen to/watch while stitching?

Normally I settle down during quiet moments of the day in my favorite corner of the couch, with a good murder-mystery series or plugged into my iPod and stitch away, a hot mug of tea with hands' reach.

A lot of stitching gets done in the evenings - as well during football season (soccer) when I don't have much choice (read: none!) as to what to watch. It's not all bad - a lot of eye candy in colorful shorts passes when giving the eyes some rest!

1 comment:

Jessica said...

that's the truth! i sympathize with your lack of control over what's on TV.. on the weekends i get solid greek soccer, in the evenings i get political talk shows. thank god for quilting.
if i'm on my own though, i usually stitch in silence not out of choice but because i'm too wrapped up in what i'm working on to remember to put on some music. If i do remember, i always go to the Hawaiian station on satalite radio...


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