16 February, 2013

Another Hiatus

No quilting for a while.
Had to go into hospital 4 days ago. All went well, and progress is good.

Once home, I'll have to put my hand quilting aside, the quilt I'm working on is just to heavy now to lift and shift in the hoop. A bit of a bummer, because I was really getting into it!
The upside is that some piecing is waiting for me, and it will be nice to work on the Double Wedding Ring quilt.

In the meantime, it's nice to amuse myself with other things like my beloved New York Times Crossword puzzles, and the company of my dear friends whose amazing, positive energy boost me. You know, that stuff really works!! Lol!

See you when I get home,


Ageeth Dorsman said...

He, daar, in het ziekenhuis! Wat leuk,
dat je een blogje kon schrijven, dat
betekent, dat je aan het opknappen
bent. En ik ben natuurlijk op de hoogte, want daar zorgt die lieve
quiltvriendin wel voor. Doe het rustig
aan, geniet van je puzzels en je lieve
gezelschap en als je weer thuis bent,
komen ik (en Lotus) je even met een
bezoekje vereren! Tot snel en heel
veel sterkte met je herstel!!!
Liefs van Ageeth

Anonymous said...

Whatever was wrong, I hope all is well now and will stay well. Crossword puzzles are good therapy!

(It's still me - I've just switched to WordPress.)

Jen said...

Hello Heidi, Sorry you haven't been well. Hope you will be better soon and back into your quilting.Crosswords are fun and fill in some time.


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