03 January, 2012

Hello 2012!

The New Year is here, and I haven't counted the quilts finished or made a list of projects to work on or complete in 2012.  To me, it's not very important.  My love of quilting, to learn more, improve my skills and have just plain fun making something pleasing to the eye, and warm for the body is what I've been focusing on, and wil continue to work on this year.  
Having more fun taking care of myself is something else I will be focusing on this year.  It'll take a bit more time away from my quilting, but in the long run it will be worth it. It began in the fall with with longer and sturdier walks with the dog,  re-joining a fitness club to get stronger. All that sitting around stitching is fine and well, but not very good for overall health.   One day I went with Mr. Betweenstitches to the Squash club to use their fitness facilities, and asked him if he wouldn't mind letting me have a go in the glass box? The result is that I have become the latest card carrying member of the Squash Club, and love that Mr. Betweenstitches is teaching me to play the game.  I love learning something new - it just wides my perspective, brings new focus and energy!

What better way to ring in the New Year than together with friends "camping" out in the eastern part of Holland!  The 1st day of the year was spent quilting, laughing, teasing, eating, and enjoying each other's company.  Back home, it's time for me to focus and finish up a little sample quilt and prepare for the presentation of my workshops during the Open House at the Quiltgebeuren this coming Friday and Saturday.  

These Dresden Plates are what I'm working on and will be part of a workshop I'll be teaching in the near future...

They're so much fun to make, and I've used only scraps and stash to make them.

At least they are much more cheery than the terrible storm raging outside right now!

I'll do my best to write a bit more often, and would like to, but I've been trying to keep away a bit more from the computer so I can get more handwork done and do other things as well. - I'm sure you know what I mean about all the time you can lose surfing the internet!
In the meantime, I'm going to grabe needle and thread and get going on those happy little plates!

Have a very good year....!


Rhonda said...

Greetings Heidi! I hear you about taking care of yourself and well-being. That's very important.
Your Dresden Plate project looks very interesting. I've never made one but you have piqued my interest and I love your color choices.
Here's to a great start to 2012!

Janine said...

Het was zeker gezellig x nien

els bitter said...

Hey, and is Mr Betweenstitches coming to our Bee next time? Then there will be trouble in making nice and straight stitches. Hope to see you this weekend and keep a place for me in your classes.
Love Els

Dawn said...

Nice to see your projects.
Have a fabulous 2012 - take care of #1

audrey said...

your dresden plates are so pretty, love them! the scrappy factor is just icing.:)


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