02 October, 2011

on a sunny Saturday...

...while the boys went out to do this:

I went and did this:

My first Camelot block.

I had most of it completed at home, and put in the last wedges during the Camelot Bee at Atelier Quiltgebeuren where those participating in with this B.O.M. get together to share in the fun of making this quilt.  Janine and I are running this Bee together, guiding and helping those who need it with working with circles for the first time.  The Bee was great,  I really enjoyed the relaxed and friendly atmosphere, and how everyone was excited to try something completely new to them!

I chose to work with my own fabrics instead of going with the lovely fabric pack that Janine prepared.   I'm trying to experiment more, expand the repertoire of fabrics I normally use within a project, mix them up, toss them about, and see what happens.  After all, I have a nice collection of Reproduction, Japanese, Handwoven/dyed, Modern, and what-not fabric in my closet.  This means I will be working without a compass on this project, and will really have to work the instinct!

One thing I can tell you, although I'm casting about in the dark, it feels right going in this direction to find my own voice in my quilting.  The Camelot quilt is my experiment.


Dawn said...

What a beautiful block! Great fabric choices and color.

Ageeth Dorsman said...

My experiment too, dear, you know that.
Playing with too much colour (in my
opinion) can be a bit frightening to
me and a quilt always has to be
harmonious I think, but I will try
with this project to let go of that
idea, and who knows....
Hugs, Ageeth

Diana said...

Tsja wel leuk hoor die motoren, maar ik weet het nog zo net niet.
Camelot is heel mooi.

groetjes Diana

doris said...

Truly lovely block! As for the menfolk, boys will be boys. Looks like they had fun also.

Anonymous said...

it is good to see your 'camelot' circle and playing with the fabric choices is alot of fun !!! enjoy the process !


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