11 April, 2011

keeping busy...

It's been really quiet here on my blog, but that doesn't mean I haven't been busy!
I've mainly spent my time hand quilting and it's coming along nicely.  I've been enjoying the process which is something I've wanted to get into more rather than the focus on finishing a project.
Taking time to just  do something and learning from it has been very enlightening indeed, and has helped me to slow down and enjoy this art even more.

I'm just about half way through the quilting and with each fan I complete, I get more and more excited...

A snap of what it's starting to look like:

But that's not all I've been up to.
I've also decided to take the plunge and make an applique quilt.
I fell in love with the Beyond the Cherry Trees Quilt , was invited to join the blog, and finally got some baseline fabrics together to get started!

My resolution for this year was not only to enjoy the process, but to also make do with what I have and only purchase fabrics or supplies when needed.  I had a bolt of Natural Moda Muslin on hand, so that's what I'm using for the background blocks.  I am however, having questions about using this fabric as it's kind of thin.  I like the color and feel, but wonder if it's the right fabric for this project.  I do want a vintage, krinkly look, and plan to hand quilt when I'm done...

Wondering if anyone out there has had any experience with using this muslin and would want to share their thoughts on it?

Other than that, another activity that has been keeping me away from blogging is the big cleaning of my sewing room!  I guess the easiest thing to do would be to toss everything in the closet and close the door, but after having done that and still spending waaay to much time looking for fabrics or occasionally finding that I've made a double purchase, it's time to do a serious clean and find an system to store all those different sizes of fabrics!

Right now, all the patterns and magazines and being sorted and that's going pretty quickly.  Saving only those patterns I want to keep, putting them in a binder and tossing the rest of the magazine, is making for a lot of space and there's already an empty shelf for the books stacked on my sewing table waiting for a more permanent spot.

Speaking of which, it's time for me to get up there and work for another hour or so in that mess, so I have some time for my hand quilting as well.....


Ageeth Dorsman said...

You're really doing a great job with
your handquilting process! It's gonna
look beautiful! And what a good decision to start with the hand-
applique-project. I am not familiar
with the muslin you mention, but if
you take a scrap to our club next
week: I do have some itsy-bitsy
Go on, clean your closet and relax
afterwards while handquilting!
Warm greetings from Ageeth.

free indeed said...

That is going to be a lovely quilt! Congrats to you on doing some hand quilting. I always told myself, 'when the kids are all gone I'll hand quilt' but that hasn't happened yet..and the kids have been gone for a yr and a half! One of these days...:)
I too, try to shop the stash..I have plenty, but it's mostly older prints. The new stuff is so tantalizing online..so bright and modern. I've been working on organizing a bit here and there. It's very calming to work in a tidy room..I love being in my sewing room now.

Taryn said...

I need to clean my room, too. But, sewing time is so short these days I choose stitching over cleaning. Perhaps I will be inspired if you show some "after" photos. Your hand quilting is lovely. How did you mark your project? It is a pleasure to get caught up in the act of quilting and then be rewarded with the results.

Caron Mosey said...

What a lovely quilt! It looks like one that you could really cuddle up inside!

Anonymous said...

I forgot how much I love the fan quilting. I need to use that again soon!
I SO hear you on using what you have. I seriously need to do that, but gosh darn some of the ideas swirling, in my head, need different fabrics!


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