15 April, 2010

on the bandwagon....

Ok, ok, you got me!
All those cute little klosjes  on all those blogs finally made me relent, grab fabric and get started.

Still making do with what I already have, I found some old Den Haan & Wagenmakers fabrics lurking in my closet.  Finally a good project to use them with!
So you know what I'll be doing tonight right?  Sitting in front of the TV, tracing shapes to make a stack of pieces ready to stitch when I'm not behind the sewing machine.  The old cigar boxes collected during the beginning days of learning to quilt will come in handy now.

So where do I sign up?
I'm currently working on yet another baby quilt, so I don't know how many klosjes I"ll get done by Saturday, but I'll do my best!


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