14 April, 2010

little log cabin

The moment I got my little Featherweight, I was itching to start sewing with it, so since I'm "making do" with my stash, I went diving into my scrap bin and this came out.  I made this a few weeks ago, the moment Grasshopper was oiled and lubed and ready to go.

It's now hanging on the wall in our guest room, a wall I plan on using to hang all sorts of little quilts on.
What will be the next project for the wall?  I've been thinking about trying out some classic quilt blocks, to play with color and fabric and hang them up to create a quilt collage.
With all the large quilt projects I tend to make, it will be kind of nice to have some little projects to do in between or as a break.

Do you do that too?

note: in answer to Rhonda's question regarding the size of the quilt that popped up the moment I posted this is:
The quilt's finished measurements are 15 inches square and the blocks are just shy of 2 inches square.
In metric measurements: 38 cm x 38 cm, and the blocks are 5 cm square.


Heidi said...

Hi Rhonda! wow, that was a fast comment! Thank you for your lovely compliment, and I wrote the quilts' measurements in the post.

Berna said...

What a nice little quilt!
Greetings from the Netherlands by Berna

marni said...

hey heidi, I go away for a few days to ride in the texas hill country, fight the headwinds, loose cattle, cattle guards and guard dogs and llamas and gawk at the wildflowers and look what you get up to. It's a lovely little piece and you have my awe and admiration. Much as I love to look at the lovely work, it is another one of those" when I die and go to ......" things on my life list.



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