31 January, 2007

WIP wednesday...

New to the Quilt Ring, I have been reminded to let you all know what I've been up to on Wednesdays.

Well, I've been working on this and that and nothing at all.
The sewing room, although not exactly the way I want it, is now clean and in order. There are still details to attend to, like hang curtains, and organize some stray magazines and papers. This morning I spent working on my friendship sampler of the month, a border sampler with acorns and leaves as the theme. I can't show you everything, because the person to whom this smapler belongs to may not see this, so I have to be very careful. For now, I'm feeling all thumbs with these cross stiches, it's been many moons since doing this and it's hard to get the back as neatly as the front!

On the quilting side, I've been drawing sketches for a sampler quilt, and fooling around with some fabrcis that were hiding in teh back of the closet. A mixture of Japanese and reproductions fabrics, they're were ment to be for my "Ugly" quilt, a quilt I want to make without pattern or plan. I need to work more on my creativity, and "just starting and seeing where the fabric takes me" seems like a good way to get the juices flowing....

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