04 January, 2007

what I did during christmas holiday

Haven't done much hand work during the Holiday break but didn't want to do completely nothing at all, so I decided to try something new and reach into the scrap bag and play a little....

Don't really know how this little bag is going to turn out, and for now it's just an easy & relaxing task to almost mindlessly sew the little hexagons together while I get my thoughts together for the more complicated stuff coming up.
I seemed to have put so much intensity into the last project, that I really needed a break! When I feel this way, it usually means I take up something completely different, like sock knitting or cross-stitching until I feel settled again. But this will do for now. Come to think of it, there's is a half completed sock lurking around my sewing room somehwere.....

1 comment:

alice said...

pretty! I love hexagons. :)


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