07 November, 2006

Hand Quilting Homework

Hand Quilting Homework
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Today I realized that I really need to get going on my homework for my Traditional Hand quilting class! I was so busy trying to complete the baby log cabin, that before I knew it the days had creeped up on me and now I have to make sure to get this done by next week! Looks like the log cabin will have to wait a few days...


Jennifer said...

I wish I had the chance to take a hand quilting class, too. I really want to learn skills like quilting in different directions. Have fun with your homework!

Heidi said...

It is really worth all the effort! If you do get the chance, I'd advize you to take it! Before I thought quilting was tedious, now I really see how it can finish your quilt beautifully, and how it is a wonderful art to learn!


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