21 November, 2006

Darwin watches soccer

Darwin watches soccer, originally uploaded by Monkicat.

Up until today it's been beautiful Fall weather and it's been a joy taking walks with Darwin in the Park! The air is crisp, and smells like earth and leaves. Darwin is happy to gallop through piles of leaves, or run through them when I kick a pile into the air.
On this day, when the photo was taken, we decided to watch Ro play football (aka soccer). Darwin loves to watch the game and we always have to take a stop if we walk past a field where there a game on.
There's something special about walking with your dog on a beautiful day...

Today it's grey and gloomy, and the rain has started pouring down. In a little while Darwin and I will go out again, brave the weather, but when we come back we'll be happy to have had our "moment" together......

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