17 June, 2011

steadily stitching

and not having anything really new to show for it as yet.  More Mariner's Compass Blocks have been made with 10 more to go, and I'm working on The Beyond the Cherry Tree blocks, stitching them down.  However, a girl has to take a break once in a while, and get some fresh air.

Perhaps I'll head up north to Amsterdam and have a wonder here:  A Stitch A Day: Embroidering in Prison 1940-1945  at the Dutch Resistance Museum.  A very interesting part of Dutch history that I first read about in Handwerken Zonder Grenzen, in edition #130 from 2005.

It's on from now until March 2012, so maybe I can get some quilting criminals to join me...
Hey chickas,  (and you know who you are!) up for a field trip?

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