27 May, 2010

finally a picture...

of the log cabin quilt I made!  Completed in early January of this year, it was hanging in the living room all this time where the lighting just wasn't right to photograph it.  I managed to remember to take a quick shot of it ( still not pleased with how it came out) before it went off to Brielle to be be part of a show they are having to celebrate their 5 year anniversary.
I haven't seen yet how it will displayed, so I'll be just as curious as the rest of the quilters who've brought in quilts when I go to celebrate with the "meiden" (girls)  tomorrow.

This quilt was inspired by the woods we walked in with friends during an Easter weekend getaway last year.  It's made up of mostly Japanese fabrics I've collected over the years, batiks, reproductions fabrics, and who-knows-what bits and pieces.

Here it is:

the color is better on the detail I think....

I must admit, I'm pretty pleased and proud of how this one came out!
Log cabins always continue to fascinate me, and perhaps one day, when I've collected enough bits and pieces, I'd like to make a traditional scrap log cabin.  
For now, there's enough to work on....


Rhonda said...

Heidi, I love your log cabin. How small are your blocks???? I really love the little blocks because your design really shows as the quilt goes together!
Great job!!

Ageeth Dorsman said...

Dear Heidi, I saw this quilt today and it is really
beautiful! I fully can understand the price you
won with it! So: CONGRATULATIONS!!!
Love, Ageeth.

Janine said...

Dear Heidi,

Your quilt is soooo beautifull.
I wish i was the one who made it.

And i wanted to thank you for your helping in the shop last friday.

aaaand CONGRATULATIONS whit your price!!!

hugs from janine


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