24 December, 2008

holiday wishes

...and to all a good night......



kymber said...

I've just recently found your blog and am so inspired by you! I have spent most of the day devouring every one of your posts. You are so talented - I have always been the type of crafter that has felt guilty when I have too many sewing crafts going at one time. I seem to be easily distracted and need change before the project gets finished. I have vowed to try to use this year to finish up some of those projects. Looking at all of the projects that you have going at one time is so encouraging to me. I think I will try your idea of dedicating two weeks to a project and move on so as to not become too bored with it. I am no where close to being as talented as you are, but I too enjoy all different types of handwork and love to challenge myself.
Keep up the good work and keep blogging - you are incredible!

Heidi said...

Hi Kimber!
Your words are too kind and blushed at reading them. It's so nice to hear kind words from readers and they really do motivate me to get better at my craft!
I've been working hard at chosing projects and working to complete them, finding the balance so they don't become UFOs. So far rotation and splitting the time during the day between sewing and stitching seems to work and I'm seeing progress in my work, and enjoying the change.
This year I plan to continue this course, as well as purchasing only what I need to complete projects. Keeps the quilt factor low as well..lol!!
Thank you for reading my blog - i"m going to check out yours right now, and have a very Happy New Year!


lin said...


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