21 August, 2008

Happy Birthday Ceara!

It's my Monkey's birthday today - 17!
How she grew into a intelligent, bright, funny and beautiful young lady is still a mystery to me.

...wishes of wisdom, health and joy to you my little one, and may I offer you this quote:

Education, therefore, is a process of living and not a preparation for future living.

-John Dewey


Heidi said...

What sweet words for your daughter. Again, I have read your blog too late with be on time but I wish her a very Happy Birthday! Your birthdays are so close together that it seems like she was a gift to you 17 years ago.

Hugs ~

Jane said...

Happy Birthday Ceara! I am sorry I am late with the well wishes but you are always close in my thoughts as my niece Simone is the same age - I still have wonderful memories of all of us out at the beach in Bayville in New York!
Much love,


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