14 August, 2008

feels like M.A.S.H. around here...


It's me a.k.a resident nurse here.
Not much time for quilting or stitching, just caring for the men of the house, Ro and Darwin. Yes, Darwin too. Ro had surgery on his right knee a week ago, and is recovering, not being allowed to walk for at least 6 weeks.   Darwin followed two days ago, when he suddenly began limping in the evening and when we tried to find the source and came close, howled in extreme pain.  A visit to his vet the next day revealed that the right hind paw, the little toe, had somehow gotten cut and infected.  It was difficult to see and even the vet had to shave his fur to be able to find the source of pain.  Poor thing - he's been on the leash during walks, so no idea how it happened, but there it is.  14 days rest for him now.  How is it that he too injured his right leg? 

At least both of them are strong and healthy, so they will recover, one sooner than the other, but in the meantime, we'll care for and spoil them both!

That leaves the females of the house to run things.  So off I go, to run  things!

Humor.  I leave you with humor....


Jane said...

I love the cartoons! Give Ro & Darwin big hugs from me! It's a process but you're an angel to tend to them so lovingly!

Heidi said...

Oh no! Now Darwin too. Maybe he was feeling sorry for Ro and decided he would do something to be able to crawl into bed and rest with him. :) Catch your needle moments when you can and try to get some rest after all the spoiling you are doing.

Hugs ~


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