23 January, 2008

wall hanging

The latest project: a 3 piece wall hanging for in the dining room to bring in some color. I chose the warm green of Kaffe Fassett fabrics that were interesting but restful to the eye. The project has taken longer than it should, but if all goes well it should be hanging before the end of the week!
It's very simple really, just one piece appliqued over the other, then stapled over a hand-made frame and hung on see-through suspension threads so it floats just in front of the wall.

Can't wait until it's done - then it'll be off to the next project - another log cabin project in red and white.....

1 comment:

Megumi said...

Nice blog. I enjoyed looking at your projects. Your rose project from last year was very pretty.

I like the fabric you have chosen for your wall hanging - very serene colors. :)


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