10 August, 2007


I'm feeling a bit frazzeld - partially my own fault, the reset due to being unwell for several days....
The cross stich friendship sampler group is convening tommorow, and I'm still not done with my contribution! A beautiful sampler, I just had trouble deciding what to do (it mostly consists of letters, with borders or little motifs for spice) and when I finally decided, I became ill, too ill to stitch. So now, still feeling, well, crappy, I'm going to have to spend the entire day stitching with a head filled with what seems to be cotton wool. Not good.
Because some of the ladies of the group like to take a peak at the progress on my red & white sampler, I can't post the round robin samplers I'm working on. That would spoil the surprise, of course. I will however, post at a later date so I can share them with you.

So off I go, needle in hand to try to get this work done on time!
Wish me luck!


Peggy said...

Wishing you good luck! Sorry you've been under the weather...

marni said...

be better soon! The red and white sampler is looking really gorgeous.


corry said...

I wish you feel better soon! What a fabulous sampler you are making, love the color-combo red & white!


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