28 August, 2007

more beads

This is what my Trollbeads bracelet looks like so far. It's a strange collection of colors, but that's okay, they're bright and cheerful. It'll change as I collect more beads.
It's been on my arm ever since I've had it and even fall asleep with it! During the rare moments no needle is in my hand, I find myself twirling and playing with it, enjoying the secret stories and meanings of the charms that they have for me. My daughter is crazy about hers as well, and it's fun to chose a new bead together. We talk about what each bead means to us and why we chose it, and which ones we'd like and why. It is another fun way to learn about each other...

I'll share with you a little about the beads and what they symbolize. From right to left:

Cells - fascinated by what nature is and how such a basic building block can create such wonder in the world.

Red Fizz - a birthday gift, a color that has always challenged me.

Lucky Dragon - I'm a dragon in the Chinese zodiac. They've always been an important symbol to me.

China - a birthday gift; a wonderful blue that reminds me of the Chinese worker suits I used to wear when there working in the rice fields...

Purple bubble - a spiritual color, a calming color, I imagine the bubbles burst through the surface like when I used to SCUBA.

The Lion - I'm a Leo

Green Rainbow - a fresh and cooling color, reminds me of the rustling leaves when walking through the woods

Three sisters - a birthday gift from Mieke, who considers me a like a little sister.

The Fish Lock - for the name "guppy" or "guppie" in Dutch: my daughter's second nickname.

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Peggy said...

It's a very nice hodge-podge (sp?) of beads. And nice that they all have meaning.


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