24 November, 2006

baby log cabin

Log cabin baby quilt, originally uploaded by Monkicat.

it's done!
Yesterday I sat down and finished putting the top together for the baby quilt. It's feels quite stiff & heavy because of the foundation the "logs" are sewn on, but I'm hoping when it's washed it'll be softer. The rest of the evening I spent digging around in the closet looking for batting and found two large pieces that will do just fine.

Now I just have to think about how it's going to be finished: the quilt will consist of 4 layers of fabric in total - a bit thick to be quilted, and there's too little time (baby's due 16 december) to do that anyway. Will probably knot it with DMC floss, knot it in the back, or make tiny stitches to just tack it down or a combination of the two....

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